>Bored out of your wits? Why not try this game I grabbed fromReadersDigest.com Widgets . It looks like easy but it’s timed so it makes it a bit difficult to score high. You can try and grab it and challenge your friends. This can really test your vocabulary skills. I know because I’ve tried playing and I was shocked that most of my mistakes are the words I ordinarily read and hear but I’ve never really bothered knowing. You can even post this on your website’s sidebar for easy access and best of all it’s for FREE!
What else do you want? A tool that could sharpen your mind, get you out of boredom and you won’t have to shell anything.

Take the challenge and play Reader’s Digest Word Power — build your vocabulary, boost your brainpower and challenge a friend to beat your score! Our readers love the wordpower game. Where else can you test your knowledge, increase your vocabulary and have fun at the same time? <br>And now you can challenge your friends on word power and try to beat their best score. What are you waiting for? Play the word power game! <br>

Not a word person? Try Daily Laughs!
Make laughter a part of your daily routine with funny jokes, hilarious cartoons and silly photos from ReadersDigest.com. Bonus: Watch a new stand-up comedy video every day!

To add laughter on your page and to put a smile on your reader’s lips. You can even submit and share your own jokes to Reader’s Digest. Cool huh?
Go on, grab it and unleash your comical side.

Grabbing the widget is easy. Click on the grab it icon and it will automatically be posted on your desired page. Fast and easy!
For more Reader’s Digest games and widgets visit the following links:RD Laughs Main It’s really fun and takes away idle time.
This could also be put on your sidebars to add a bit of fun in your site!