I’ll be away for a week.
Remember I mentioned about the cruise.
Well, tom we are off to HongKong.
In case some of you are curious on what kind
of ship we are embarking…
It’s called Costa Cruises.
An Italian Luxury Ship.
I’ve seen the ship through it’s website and I say it’s pretty impressive.
Because of its Italian origin, the ship is full of art pieces.
Paintings, sculptures and carvings are the one of the ship’s attraction.
More on its “features” and services when I’m onboard.
There’s wi-fi on the ship and I’m sure I can get hold
of T’s laptop.

Wish me Bon Voyage!

I’ll hop on to your blogs after the cruise.


Thanks to my dear cousin Ate Apette.
I owe you one.

The building T and I are about to move in to
is finally RFO!
So soon after we get back from vacation,
we are moving in.