>In my recent trip to Israel, I wasn’t able to get AHAVA products for myself simply because there were NONE. All the bazaars and souvenir shops we went to didn’t have AHAVA products.

The reason as per Mr. Sami, our guide, AHAVA products are banned and had been taken down from shelves because these products are manufactured from  the acquired territories of Israel at West Bank. So to support local businesses on Dead Sea products, the government banned the popular brand and all shops (or most of the shops) sell different brands of AHAVA such as Dolmen, FOUF, Re-LiFE, etc.

I am all for this cause plus AHAVA had gone from reasonable to insanely expensive Dead Sea product. What’s with the brand anyway? They’re all from Dead sea, uses the same mud from the Dead sea and will work the same. Only difference is the packaging and the manufacturer.

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