I received this email from a very good friend. This is the story of Miracor. Please read through her email…

I am currently confined in the hospital and still raising funds for me to be discharged and continue medication. I recently had my 2nd operation couple of days ago after the 1st operation I had last Nov2010. That was the 1st time I had known that I have MRKH Syndrome typeII.

However, mine has a different presentation. I have no identifiable cervix. Also, i was diagnosed to have heart abnormality; enlargement of the heart as one of the presentation, horseshoe kidney, intestinal abnormality-out pouching of the small intestine, Merkel’s diverticula and skeletal abnormalities.
I was admitted in the hospital last november2010 where my gynecologist diagnosed me to have MRKH which at first I came to seek medical attention for which I thought of just a simple UTI because I have painful urination and I’m having high fever then. Upon series of tests, there they came up with the diagnosis which when I found out a rare condition and 1st in the Philippines or Asia. Worst is that I recently got married August of that same year before my hospitalization. I went thru an exploratory laparotomy, cystoscopy, vaginoscopy, myomectomy and attempted cervicoplasty. However, the cervicoplasty failed. Here in the Philippines, reconstructive surgery isn’t quite possible due to facilities and expertise of doctors as well. Myoma were removed and my gyne decided to retain the uterus and ovaries for possible invitro fertilization because Im still young and many complications would happen if I’d go hysterectomy. I had to undergo monthly of GNRH therapy. Unfortunately,6mos after, here I am having been operated for the 2nd time because my uterus was enlarged; my diagnosis was acute and chronic endometritis and myometritis,adenomyosis,proliferative endometrium, acute and chronic cervicitis with squamous metaplasia,cystic follicles, acute and chronic salphingitis,periappendicitis . I was diagnosed to have hematometra and hematocolpos. Meaning the uterus fills with (menstrual) blood. This was because of the congenital stenosis or absence of the cervix. That’s why I had an emergency operation, early morning of Wednesday where physically I almost didn’t make it. I had been blood transfused of units of bloods. Operations performed were exploratory laparotomy, drainage of hematometra, subtotal abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salphingooophorectomy, ureteroneocystostomy with intra-operative J stent insertion left with Jackson-pratt drain insertion, extensive adhesiolysis and repair of ileal tear.

Maricor is at Rm426A Surgical-Oncology Ward at St.Luke’s Medical Center right now. She is a good person, the kind who pays her taxes in time, the kind who always gives more than enough back and never tells you na you gained weight. She is that kind of person and the people surrounding her loves her dearly.

She now has a running bill of 300 thousand pesos and no way to settle this amount. We are here as her friends and her allies, asking and knocking at your hearts to help Maricor and her family.
To anyone who reads this and would like to help, you can contact Maricor at +639228331075 or email her at mariecormateo@yahoo.com

If for some reason you are shy to directly contact Maricor you can course it through me.