It was pretty obvious now how desperate C is. We tried tracking down the guy through his friends but he was no where to be found. See, people can be invisible if they want to. I wonder why C was clinging to that guy when he was her total opposite. She was tall, pretty and smart (?) while he was short, not handsome at all (no I’m not saying this because of what he did to C, he simply is), and not-so-smart. Turns out the guy took everything from C (yeah even that).No, C did not say it straight to my face but she did tell T and T told me hehehhe…I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. I told her to forget about him and move on.

She did. In fact, she met Mr. Foreigner and started to know him better. They chat almost everyday and the guy calls her everyday. After a few months C told me they’re boyfriend-girlfriend already. I asked if Mr. Foreigner knew of the guy, C told me she would tell him eventually. Well, she never did. She eventually married Mr. Foreigner telling everyone that he’s the first and last man in her life. Her family of course is so proud of her for keeping herself all those years for the man she married (She was 27 at the time of their marriage).

She refused to look me and T in the eyes for we were the ONLY persons who knew about her not-so-goody-goody past. Her friends that she invited over at my place for the party were all gone. She ditched them just like that.
I am still in contact with her friends though, but our relationship is strained—there’s that dead air hovering us…always careful not to mention anything about C.

As for C, I hope she’s happy with her lies. I’m still holding her secrets from her family as long as it takes. I just cringe whenever I hear her parents brag about how GOOD their daughter was.

Don’t take me wrong, I have nothing against having fun. But living a lie is another story.

Ah, I rest my case.