Are you craving for pasta or pizza? Now you can have both in one serving! Angel’s Pizza gives you their newest addition to their menu and it’s a Pizza Pasta Combo called Pasta in a Dough. I know it could sound very intimidating but surprisingly, it tasted good and satisfying. I like that the flavors of the pasta are not over powering the dough. I think though that one Pizza Pasta combo serving is good for 2-3 persons so you can still enjoy a platter of pizza. Pasta in a Dough is priced at P189-P199 depending on the flavor you ordered. I haven’t heard of other pizza chain serving Pasta in a dough so it’s safe to say it’s a first in the Philippines courtesy of Angel’s Pizza! You have got to try it. 

I would also suggest ordering Angel’s Double Cheesy Burger Pizza (P599). 

It’s two layers of thin crust pizza with different cheeses and meat toppings. Other choices are BBQ pizza and Cheesy melt. For the past years, I have loved Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza but now I think I have a new favorite! Will it also be yours? Try it and tell me.

For the light eaters, Angel’s pizza do serve normal pizza servings and pasta servings. Annnnnddd they also have Calzone- Ham, Beef & Mushroom Calzone (P55), BBQ Chicken Calzone (P70) and Tuna Pesto Calzone (85). I have tried Ham, Beef & Mushroom and it was just the way I want it. 

First of all it’s well-stocked (thank heavens!) and second of all, it didn’t taste like you’re eating flour. I have yet to try the two flavors but I’m betting Ham, Beef &Mushroom will always win the bidding. 

One of Angel’s Pizza’s side items is the brownie square (P85) which you can eat with a chocolate dip. I’m not a brownie person but I couldn’t resist taking a bite. Yes a small bite at first until I almost ate all of it. 

Angel’s Pizza is also preparing for the Lenten Season. They’re offering lots of choices to satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty. You can choose among Angel’s Pizza lenten special

Angel’s Thin Shrimp Pesto pizza ( P515- big family size)

Tuna Pesto Calzone (P85)
Pasta in a Dough Tuna Pesto (P199)
Spicy Tuna Pizza (P275-P455)
Pesto Pasta (139)

Get great pizza deals from Angel’s Pizza with their heavenly promo:

Buy 1 Take 1 Promo
(DI – dine in; TO- take out; DE – delivery)

Makati Store
10am-1pm DI TO DE
12mid to 3am DI TO only

Kalayaan QC Store
10am to 1pm DI TO DE

Fairview Store
10am to 1pm DI TO DE
1:01 pm -11pm DI TO only and for BIG FAMILY only

Pasig Store
10am-1pm DI TO DE
10pm-12mid DI TO DE

10am-1pm DI TO DE
9pm-11 pm DI TO DE

10am to 1pm DI TO DE

All day B1T1-DI TO DE
10 am to 11pm

Special discounts await cardholders of:
Mercury suki card
Sm advantage
Laking national
BDO Rewards Prestige Card

Call for Angel’s Pizza delivery now-922 2222 (FREE DELIVERY!)

There’s so much to love at Angel’s Pizza! Head out now and try them. Here’s more photos of their hand rolled dough pizza:

I can offer you a discount card that entitles you to to either of the 3 promos:

20% off on every pizza purchase
Free Family Pizza for every Big family pizza purchase or
Free Medium Pizza for every family pizza purchase 

That is if you’re willing to meet me at Robinson’s Galleria 😉 

They’re also on Facebook, like them at their Angel’s Pizza fanpage (I sure did!)