I was preparing Peaches to go to bed when she couldn’t stop smiling at every object her eyes sees. I was so happy seeing how my child seems to be growing a happy child. And then when we were propping her up on her swing for the nightly round of show and tell to Granny and Grampy over YM and webcam, T was talking to her and playing with her when she started to laugh. At first it was just a fleeting moment. But then when T played with her some more, she laughed and giggled with so much GUSTO, she was giggling like a teenager! At some point because she was laughing so hard she snorted! HAH! that was my baby’s first and longest laugh fest!

Golly! That was amazing! Never mind that one hour after the show and tell session was over, Peaches was still wide awake and active! Never mind that it was late and so past her bedtime. Never mind that Mommy had to sing almost 30 songs before baby’s eyes fluttered. It was all worth it. T and I are still in Cloud 9! That was priceless!

Tsk. So priceless and so darn amazing we didn’t want to move and get our camera to capture the moment. No one was willing to leave our baby’s side. :))

Well that’s just the start. She’ll have plenty of those laugh fest anyway.

Praise God for moments like this!