I’ve read about a research study by people from Kenyon College in Ohio stating that almost 1/3 of the girls’ dresses sold on stores today are deemed sexy. Do you agree?

Sure I see girls’ dresses on stores that I think are inappropriate for my daughter’s age but the question is, do I buy those? Absolutely not, even if  it takes me 3-5 more stores to rummage before I finally find a nice clothing for her. Just because these stores sell them, doesn’t mean I have to buy them, I believe it’s called buying power. Can we blame parents who allow their kids to wear revealing and sexy clothes because if there were no demand then there will be no supply?

In the US, I heard that even online stores are selling these trashy clothes. Good thing, there are still honest and kid-friendly girls dress stores like Elitedresses.com which sells appropriate and quality girls dresses online.

Buying my kid clothes that are not pedophile attractors is getting more difficult each time. I hope retailers realize the impact of what they’re selling to young kids.

Any thoughts?