This is not one of those debates on religion.

Nor do I want to condemn someone.

This is simply stating my own opinion and I ask for

everyone’s openness to this.

If you find it offensive,

you are free to leave my site.

Why do I ask such question?

When it could raise a lot of violent reaction?

Well, because I find some people religious but hypocrites!

I know some of them who are uber religious

but they treat people badly.

I couldn’t even see a single word of God from those people.

Didn’t God tell them to treat others like God’s children?

We are after all, God’s own image and likeness.

They simply don’t practice what they preach.

On the other hand,

I know a few who are not religious but

they treat others well.

They may not believe on Sunday masses

but then they have their own faith.

They believe on something out of the norm of Catholicism.

but they are more Godly than those who pray the rosary everyday, and to

those who celebrate masses every Sunday.

I for one believe that I shouldn’t be forced in going to a mass

when I know I am not prepared to receive the sacrament.

I also believe not praying at all is better than lip service.

Praying the rosary everyday for instance, will make it a daily routine.

Then later on, praying turns to saying, reciting, or monologue. (You get my point?)

Don’t get me wrong. I respect every single religion that I know.

For me what’s important is our Faith.

Something that we believe into and we live by them.

I think that debate on religion is absurd.

It’s something we shouldn’t meddle with.

It’s personal.

It’s between us, as a person, and God, as our redeemer.

God, Lord, Yahweh, Allah, Emmanuel, Kristo, Father, Friend,

Many names but all pertains to one persona.

That Someone greater than any of us.

That Someone we owe our lives to.

Bottom line, we have our faith and we should nourish it.