>To my dismay, Peaches weaned earlier than I hoped for. It has been a month or so since I stopped breastfeeding. I had PPD and greatly affected my ability to breastfeed. Also I had no one to ask for proer latch-on advices and relied solely on my “knowledge”, thus I had bad start on latching. So, abruptly my milk supply diminished and entirely gone.

After much thought and frustrations, I decided to RELACTATE. I seek help from forums I am in and luckily Ms. Jen gave me tips and encouraging words that strengthen my desire to relactate. Ms. Jen is from Mom Exchange and LATCH, Inc. I’ve read and read topics and forums about relactation and is currently learning as much as I could.

This morning I tried latching Peaches. She was fussy and hungry and so I failed. So, I learned that I should try to re-latch when she’s not too hungry. Also I learned that relactation is a gradual process and that I must accept the fact that milk supply won’t come back overnight. I stumbled upon the LACT-AID idea and I think it’s a good idea to start with.

Ms. Jen asked me something like ” why do you want to breastfeed again?” ahhhhhh…so many reasons! but I had to rethink what to answer. It’s as if answering a question on life and death situation. Why? Why? Why?

Entirely because I wanted to feel closer to my baby. Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mummy and baby..I want that for me and Peaches. I also wanted to give her the best. And BREASTMILK is the best. We can give her the priciest infant formula but it’ll never compare to BREASTMILK.

I hope circumstances will help me get through my relactation journey. I say circumstances because it’s easy to deal with people and ask for their cooperation and support. But it’s hard when circumstances fight you.

But this journey is a way of teaching Peaches how to be a fighter. By showing her Mummy was once a fighter for what’s best for her.