What is your opinion on same sex marriage?

I’m not against it but I don’t want it to happen..

Do you think it (same sex marriage) should be legalized in our country?

Nope. The Philippines is unique as it is, Globalization is a threat.

In your opinion, out of 10 men how many are straight?


For single men:

Why are you still a bachelor?

I’m still trying to fix a relationship with a girl I violated.

Are you looking for someone now?

Nope, no time

Just a thought

What are you afraid of?

Heartbreaks and Ghosts

Do big boys cry? What about the saying: Big Boys Don’t Cry?

Big Boys do cry, that saying implies that men should act like men, crying shows weakness to others but not to everyone.

Do you believe in destiny? Explain.

Yup, Our destiny is fixed and we can’t change it because it is God’s plan

Would you marry someone who’s from a different religion?


Do you watch telenovelas and koreanovelas?

When they have hot actresses

What are your vices?


Do you think you are goodlooking?



What’s your message to anyone who reads this?

Don’t be afraid of what other people might think of what you say. As long as it’s what you believe in, it’s the only thing that matters. You define who you are, not them

One pending question coming up…