>I received a note from Peaches’ school that for the entire month of August, every Wednesdays and Fridays, the kids should wear a Filipino costume. I didn’t bother buying costume for Peaches thinking she won’t mind and that not all kids will wear costumes anyway.
But coming from school last Wednesday, Peaches ran to me and said she wants to wear costume to school. And then the next day she mentions it again and then the day after that… until yesterday when I finally had it and dashed to the nearest mall to buy her a nice Filipino traditional dress. I got her a Baro’t Saya for P499.00 at Megamall. I made sure the skirt is usable until next year hehehehe…good thing it’s a wrap around skirt so surely it will fit her for years. (There’s our investment for the next Filipino months to come!)

She refuses to wear the red cloth headband though (it would have been the perfect look) and this is what she looks like just before she left this morning.

She’s not too happy wearing it but at least she did 🙂

Young as she is now, I want to instill Nationalism and Patriotism to her. If there’s one thing I can give back my Mother land, it’s making sure my children loves her as much as I do.

Mabuhay ka Pilipino!