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An Avon Lady’s Story of Empowerment


Avon’s 125 years of direct-selling expertise and portfolio of innovative, high quality yet affordable and very saleable beauty products have long empowered women with financial   independence. Davao-based Rowena Fabros-Orge is one of the millions whose lives Avon has changed for the better.

Looking at Rowena, with her chic short hairstyle, polished look, and quick smile, one would never think that she once lived in a garage after their home burned down.

Now 33, Rowena, who was brought up by her grandmother, has since rebuilt her life. She now has a family of her own with husband of five years, Marcel, with whom she has one child and another one on the way.

And if we go by the meaning of family as the team that gets you through the hard times and shares in your celebration during the good, then Avon too, for Rowena, has been part of her family for a decade.

She recalled that, as a young girl, she sold virtually everything from balut to candies. Then her entrepreneurial streak found the right training ground in Avon which started out as a college-freshman project for her entrepreneur class. “Swerte ko at napili ko ang Avon (I’m lucky because I chose Avon),” she said, looking back

That class project ended up financing her college years as she progressed in her own real-life education. “I just knew I would succeed with Avon,” she said.

Her efforts and the resulting rewards were mirrored in her expanding role in Avon from Franchise Dealer to Sales Leader to Finance Manager, the latter coinciding with her college graduation. “I knew there was money in Avon. Bakit pa ko maghahanap ng iba kung nandito na sa Avon ang pera? (Why will I look for other income sources when I can find it here in Avon?)” she said of her decision to stick with Avon even after school.

Even now, her education continues. Rowena has experienced trekking mountains just to sell and recruit for example, even hiring an assistant to help her communicate with the locals. She’s learned that truly, only you can put a cap on your abilities. And that is just as true with possibilities. Thanks to Avon, she’s traveled to different parts of the

Philippines, built her family a house and with two cars in the garage at that—a long way indeed from the garage that used to be her temporary home!

Like Rowena, you too have the opportunity to make your dreams come true with Avon and its unparalleled earning opportunities. “This is the time to join Avon because with Avon, nothing is impossible,” said Rowena.

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