Finally we know that DJ (in case you don’t know, the little bun in my tumtum is named DJ by our pretty Ate, Ate Peaches) is a girl! After 4 ultrasound, DJ finally showed she’s a girl! So it’s girl power in our house and Troy couldn’t be happier. We all are!

So what follows after knowing your baby’s gender? S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!

After 6 years, we have to start from scratch. Most of Peaches’ baby stuff are looong gone save for some onesies and special occasion baby dresses that I kept. But the necessities like bath tub, clippers, baby bottles, nipples and so on… they’re all gone and been given away.

Good news not only for myself but for fellow Pinay Mommies, there’s Baby World Mommy and Baby products that are super affordable and are made of quality materials. The Baby World products are available in SM Department stores, Babyland and other department stores nationwide.

I was lucky enough to test some of their products. In fact, here are some of my favorites and my most recommended Babyworld products and their prices:

Baby Cushion Potty Seat P329.75 & P489.75 for potty seat with handle support



This blue potty seat has a different price but it’s not over a thousand and it’s pretty convenient for your little one when potty training.




Disposable Bib- Every pack of 6 costs only P69.75 & in a travel box of 20 at P249.75.


This is so cool! It has water-resistant backing, it’s soft and absorbent, has no ties or hooks and convenient as you’ll only need to dispose of it when soiled. Perfect when traveling or if you have no time to do heavy stain removal on your baby’s bib!

 Other Babyworld products that I love are:

Peristaltic Nipple- Every pack of 2 costs only P89.75

Disposable Multi-Purpose Change Mats- Every pack of 4 multi-Purpose Change Mats costs only P69.75

Baby Bibs
Baby hangers, pins, and diaper clips
Bath Tub
Feeding Bottles
Feeding Dishes
Kids Rider
Puzzle Mat
Wash Cloth & Bathrobe

Everything in Babyworld is affordable and made of high quality materials. I love how this company gives chances to mothers who are in a tight budget to at least give something nice and safe for their babies.