>Thank God it was T’s off today. I was having a hard time making Peaches sleep last night so I told her if she sleeps, the next day’s all fun for her. After several attempts, she did sleep at past midnight. At 6:30 AM, my eyes were forcefully opened by two small hands and a loud “BAAAAAAA”. Apparently, the kid’s too excited to start her all fun day!

First off, Tom’s world! She had a blast riding the carousel (though Daddy felt dizzy afterwards).
Here, she wanted to stand up on the horse and getting impatient. They were the first to ‘board’.
This is a walking animal (I don’t know what exactly..maybe a cross breed of a dinosaur and turtle). Peaches didn’t want her Dad holding her or the steering wheel. When the time was up, she wanted more and didn’t want to get off it.

After that we rode the Crazy bus but she didn’t like it very much so we didn’t bother taking a pic.
We also had our portraits taken at a booth. Will try to post it soon.
We had our snack at Dunkin’ Donut it’s our fave cheap spot. eheheh.

Then we went to Metrowalk to get some air and a little exercise. Peaches loves
long walks.

To end our day, we ate at McDonald’s.
Here, Peaches wanted her FIE FRIES fast but it’s still hot. I always lay
it infront of her so she could get it herself.

THEN, finally a SMILE.
FIE FRIES is good to eat!

After a long day, the little tornado’s still as active as earlier today!