First of all did you know that too much Flouride is bad for babies? So make sure you use flouride free toothpaste for your child. I love Pigeon’s child toothpaste. Also, use soft bristles for your child’s toothbrush. I like Safety First and Colgate’s colorful baby toothbrush.

Nani, my niece, was brought to the dentist because of a sore gum and 4 erupting teeth all at the same time. The dentist was very helpful and insisted on a flouride application every after six months. According to him LITTLE flouride is good for children as it will help harden their teeth. It would cost P1,000 per application but what’s a thousand pesos when it will save your tot from tooth decays and cavities? And speaking of cavities, he also cited that cavaties are transferrable through kisses (on the lips), same spoon feeding, sharing of waterbottles, etc.
I also learned that brushing every after meal should be strictly enforced since it will serve as your child’s training and of course the cleaning effect. Dental floss is also helpful and you can use the thinnest threads available in the market.

I tried bringing Peaches to the dentist but the lady dentist was clueless! She even asked me why I was bringing Peaches to her!!! Hay.
I think I need to find a good dentist for my tot (by good I meant know-how and cheap! lol)