>I’m back from the Holy land!

And there are many things I like to share with you..new lessons I’ve learned..new discoveries..and some interesting facts too.

I am still trying to battle jet lag since I still haven’t recovered from it because the moment I got home, I jumped back to work which is a bad thing. I am constantly hungry and sleepy at the same time.

Anyways, I want to collect all my thoughts and share with them to you in a most readable and friendly way.

In my coming posts you will find out what one should expect and should not expect when one decides to join a Holy land pilgrimage.

There were really interesting people from my group and I enjoyed their company 🙂 There were some who really drained blood from brain but such is life.

The trip was draining at some point that I was glad I was on my way home. When I entered the house, Peaches ran to me and jumped shouting MOMMY! And yes, home is where the heart is.