Thanks to Xend for giving me 3 days of stress and a bad morning.

I called and inquired how much the delivery for a microwave (2nd hand) from MNL-Mindanao. I was told to measure the dimensions and was given a rough estimate since they still needed to weigh the item and see what’s the higher amount- the weight or the dimensions (please note that she had me measure the microwave itself- no packaging was ever mentioned). I was given P1,100- P1,300 for the shipping fee. I specifically told her it was my first time and if that was all I needed to do and she said yes. I then scheduled the item for pick up. The next day, a Xend personnel came and told me he was not told that the item was a microwave and that he needed to reschedule and will send back up because he was just using a motorcycle. Now, I said this was my first time and I didn’t know the rules or the way. He said he’ll be back tomorrow to weigh the item and another person will come in to get it.

The next day, the same person came in and weighed the item. I was charged P1104. At this point we were weighing and measuring the microwave without packaging of some sort. I assumed they will pack it for me since the person didn’t say anything about it. Later that day another person came in to pick up the microwave- again no word about packaging and stuff. Later that night, someone from their office called me and told me I needed to pack the microwave and would be charged for the dimension of the package and not the item itself. Grabe. If I knew from the first time I called that I would pack it, I would have guessed how much the fee would be.

So they sent the microwave back and had me pack it. To pack it I had to run to the nearest National Bookstore to buy a balikbayan box. We packed it in front of a Xend personnel who brought the microwave back to us. Early today, they picked it up and re-measured. I was charged 2,100 for a friggin’ 2nd hand microwave. We could have bought a new microwave for that amount. But what can I do, I already paid P1100 a few days back. I can only imagine the hassle of asking for a refund. I didn’t want to do anything with Xend again so I decided to have it shipped kahit masama sa loob ko.

Grabe. Imagine I talked to 3 people from XEND and no one mentioned about packaging. 2 people from XEND saw the package and received it and ok-ed for shipping AND NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE FRIGGIN’ PACKAGING. The RIDERS (the ones who got the item from my house) SAID THEY DIDN’T KNOW I HAD TO PROVIDE THE PACKAGING. THEY THOUGHT THEY WILL PACK IT FOR ME. darn it.

So thank you Xend for the stressful days and a bad morning. No to your services ever again.


Just so you know, JRS EXPRESS HAS THIS:

Management is pleased to announce the launching of its new product – the

JRS Boxes on November 15, 2010, MABILIS NA, LIBRE PA ANG BOX