>Every midnight of Friday, Emerald Ave in Ortigas is transformed to a foodies’ haven. Tents, tables and chairs are set up to accommodate the hungry crowd. Burners and fryers start to smoke and delectable foodies are in for the taking. The food sold are so diverse that as you walk through the stalls you wouldn’t know what you want. The crowd grew over the months when Banchetto started operating that the space grew smaller each Friday night. If you do want to go here I advise that you wear something comfortable and airy. You’ll really be sweating while you swim your way from one stall to the other.
And this is the precise reason why I don’t have photos of the food or the stalls. I didn’t have time…plus I was with my husband who easily gets annoyed when I linger long on a stall he knew I wouldn’t buy into.

But here are the Banchetto schedules and locations in case you want to check them out:

Banchetto- Emerald: from 12MN Friday overnight until 11am Saturday

Banchetto- Forum (Pioneer): Tuesdays to Friday from 9PM to 6AM the next day

The group that operates Banchetto is also accepting more small entrepreneur in case you are interested.  You can go during their operating hours and look for the main stall which has the Application Form.
They do offer a prime stall, super prime stall and premium stall.