Barangay Clearance Business Permit Renewal 2015

Yep it’s that time of the year again! ┬áBefore you scurry and head out to your Barangay Hall, check your requirements first:

1. Last year’s Barangay clearance business permit

– photocopy or original copy (doesn’t matter)

2. Official Receipt of your last year’s Barangay clearance business permit

– assuming there isn’t any major changes in your business details this year, there won’t be any difference in the amount you are to pay.

3.┬áLast year’s Comprehensive General Liability Policy Insurance

– no reason to pay more than last year if there wasn’t any changes in your business.

4. Official Receipt of your last year’s insurance

– this will validate your payment.

5. Last year’s Barangay Business Permit plate

– most likely, they will put a sticker over last year’s so this is important that you have this. I’m not sure what happens if you don’t have it with you. Maybe they’ll issue a new one? I’m really not sure.

Procedure: Remember that every Barangay Hall might have different steps but generally it goes like this:

1. Have your comprehensive general liability policy insurance assessed and pay for it. Always keep your official receipts.

2. Collect all required documents along with your newly issued insurance and have it assessed (by another person/window) and prepare to pay for another fee.

3. After payment, you will be asked to wait for your business plate and printed clearance.

You’ll get both within the day. In our case, my messenger went early and he was in and out the Barangay hall in less than an hour.

Here are my newly issued Barangay Clearance Business Permit 2015

I paid P143 + P15

This is the Comprehensive General Liability Policy Insurance I paid P623.50

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