A client once told me that if you want to know how the company is being run or how your potential co-workers are, look at the office’s restroom. It should tell you a lot about the people using it and the people running it.

I couldn’t agree more.

My family and friends know how meticulous I am in terms of cleanliness and organization. I go crazy and grumpy all at the same time when my home’s a mess or even a single area of my home is a mess.

I think that it also applies to our homes, you know. When we keep our toilet & bath clean, it tells a lot about how we are in our personal and social life too.

How often do you clean your bathroom? Me, twice a week… more if it gets messy and when visitors come and the toilet needs cleaning.

Our bath is the usual shower and faucet. I wish we have bath tub or jacuzzi but that’s too big (and too expensive!) for our shoebox of a home. How I love looking at qualitybath.com for jacuzzi tubs for some really nice bathroom pieces.



Don’t you love this bathroom set up? I like that there’s his & hers sink 🙂