I’ve tried three of the labels that carry dead sea products. I got them all from Jordan and Israel. Ahava is the leading brand and is more expensive than the other brands. My friends from Israel say they are all of the same composition (which makes sense), the difference is the company that gives them the “brand name”.
Since 2002, I’ve  been using AHAVA bar soap, AHAVA body exfoliant and AHAVA salt soak (just for kicks but I do not recommend this unless you have a bath tub at home).

As with the soap, I did not like it. The smell was bad. Smelled like it won’t do my skin any good, and true enough it didn’t. Nothing special there. 

The exfoliant however, I super love! Although not like your usual scrub, it doesn’t have a smell but it exfoliates well.
As for the salt soak, it is used with warm water and with the kind of weather we have in the PH, I don’t recommend the product, it’ll make you feel icky in the middle of the day.
But what about these cheaper dead sea products? They’re cheaper but it doesn’t mean they don’t work well with your skin. In fact, they are perfect! The FOUF product I am using now is their facial exfoliate scrub and I am loving every minute I use it. It did peel my skin but I thought it was okay since the dead skin cells were gone and I know have fairer skin than before (I wonder if my husband notices, my friends did!). The trick is to use pea size for the face and neck and then work it slowly in circular motion.  I do this regimen once a week so the tube lasts long.
The Dolmen product I’m using is the hand cream. It makes skin soft (and smells yummy!) and it lasts long too. I’m not a fan of greasy feel (heck, I don’t wear lotion often) so this product work well for me. My FIL uses this for his Psoriasis. 
If you have a chance, test on which brand works for you. But as of now, I think AHAVA is the product that’s widely available (at least in Manila) since they opened their flagship store at Megamall. I have yet to visit them but I hope their price is reasonable.

Updated: December 27, 2010 

I’ve seen several dead sea products (or Holy Land products as they call it) on mall stalls. They’re quite cheaper than AHAVA and I think you can buy those in smaller packages too. I’m not sure about the quality and the authenticity but maybe a little research on their brands will do you good. 
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