What’s your trick in making your child drink his/her medicine? As much as I can I never sneak and mix medicine into her sippy cup or her milk because I think in the long run, this won’t work.

What I do, I tell Peaches what’s the medicine for and what it will do to her. I tell her what will happen when she won’t take it. My final line would always be, ” Mommy will be sad if Peaches is sick”. “Please drink medicine so Mommy won’t be sad”.

This was our way when she was younger but recently I don’t have to move mountains and make her teddy talk to her to make her drink medicine. When she coughs, she tells me she wants to drink her medicine 🙂

Such a good girl, noh?

Some tips I can think of to help train your kids drink medicine:

1. Explain what’s it for.

2. Show the kid it’s okay to take the medicine by taking it yourself 🙂

3. Kids on TV commercials taking medicine could inspire her too!

Well, I hope all kids will be healthy this rainy season!