Yup sometime this month I’ll be a year older but I’m not taking it negatively. Why would anyone want to get younger when all the good comes with age? I don’t get it.

Anyway as New Year came, I was hoping for a lucky year but as the month went by, it feels like there’s an unlucky air hoovering at me. You know like there’s a jinx trailing you. I hope it gets better. I’m not one to be superstitious and all but I can’t help thinking about stuff like this after experiencing several ‘unlucky’ events. Still I am staying positive!

Like yesterday I needed to withdraw cash because I had to buy my Mom’s one year stock of Combizar (for her highblod). I was in a hurry because someone’s going to pick it up at my place (my mom’s friend is in Manila for a vacation and is leaving on Wednesday). So, I was there lining up at one of the ATM’s and when it was my turn, the stoopppid machine went offline! Off I go to another ATM and endure another long line. When I was finally able to withdraw cash, I had to endure yet another long line over at Mercury Drug Store. By that time, I was anxious because the package will be picked up any minute and I was still there. When I finished buying the medicines, I wanted to buy few other things for my parents but decided against it because I was on a hurry to go back at our place. Turns out, the guy who was supposed to pick up the package was late, an hour and a half late. I could have bought a few more items if he had told me he would be late. But I couldn’t complain, I was just asking a favor.

Whew. At least Mom’s medicine is pretty well on its way there. 🙂