>Blank blogging…blank


Here I am staring blankly at T’s laptop (too lazy to boot my own PC).
I stare hard as if words will come out on their own
There’s nothing much to say..
My week’s been the mooooost unexciting moment
one could ever think of or one could ever had.

Tom’s Peacheypoop’s 4th monthsary!
Gee, time really flies.
I wonder how much she weighs now
because my back & my arms never got used to her weight
it ached more than it did the last time i carried her.
Mum said I should be thankful and stop whining,
it’s a good sign she said.
And I have to agree. I couldn’t ask for more.
As long as she’s healthy and happy, life is fine.

There…Silence in my head again….

Oh, I might as well say that on May 7 is my Baccalaureate Mass,
and I’m not coming. T and I are on a cruise on May 6-11. That
would also mean I won’t be coming on my graduation as well
on May 11. (Tsk. I paid P11500 for that grad fee)
Oh well, I can only hope my friends will at least give me
round of applause when my name’s being called.
Teeeehhheeee, to at least pay credit to my hard earned
BS Nursing degree.

hmmmmmmmmm..Ciao for now!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >hi!love your blog!anyway i like to share this with you,i stumbled upon this comment somewhere.no I am not DJ or his friends,not even his family,i can assure u that.it's just that i have been following brian's blog and also donated to his pay pal,anyway,here it is:Hmmmm…..how true is this?see: http://technogra.ph/20080312/sections/analysis/au… Bogwan writes:04/05/2008Osho Bogwan @ 5:35 pm:Brian, what a pathetic attempt to turn the tables and extract sympathy & $$$ from complete strangers when this has been your own modus for several years!You failed to mention the lovely house shown in the news footage was owned by your unrequited Sydney based ultra Christian homosexual “Sugar Daddy” who indulged your every whim from your Range Rover to your swimming pool…You get back what you deserve. How does “Sydney Sugar Daddy” feel about you running off to the Phillipines after his taking care of you & your mom for several years while you allegedly suffer from HIV (and looking healthier than the average Australian?) and living the highlife at the same time?? Does he do it for the great sex?Perhaps this is payback for your pseudo-interest and subsequent snubbing of the people that actually took an interest in your well being? HaHa! The shoe is on the other foot and it doesn’t seem to fit you too well, eh? Next time ask for Bruno Magli instead of Gucci!I find it curious how you managed to sell your interest in “your” house for $100,000 in a property that does not even belong to you…Must have a good banker to pull this off…! Obviously you have a knack for pulling off your own cons AND congratulations on going digitally global in your pathetic plea for financial renumeration for to pay for your poor judgement!I hope the paypal deposits go into dispute by the credit card donors after they read this!PS: See you on the streets of King’s Cross after you shave your bung hole…Lotsa love from All of your ex-friends that you have dumped on in your social climbing endeavours.Hope you’ve enjoyed the lines of coke and free-flowing champers! May your cleansed karma be with you! -Osho B.Posted Apr 5, 2008

  2. Renz says:

    >@anonymousoh whew! that was one accusation. I do sympathize with Brian and believe his story. I don't care what his past was or if that article by Osho was true. That's another story another issue. Well I'm just a commmoner, I couldn't be of help to Brian anyway so I just pray for him and the people around him.Besides, I have a lot in my plate to deal with. =_=Thanks for the drop!take care now!hope to see you again soon.

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