Here I am staring blankly at T’s laptop (too lazy to boot my own PC).
I stare hard as if words will come out on their own
There’s nothing much to say..
My week’s been the mooooost unexciting moment
one could ever think of or one could ever had.

Tom’s Peacheypoop’s 4th monthsary!
Gee, time really flies.
I wonder how much she weighs now
because my back & my arms never got used to her weight
it ached more than it did the last time i carried her.
Mum said I should be thankful and stop whining,
it’s a good sign she said.
And I have to agree. I couldn’t ask for more.
As long as she’s healthy and happy, life is fine.

There…Silence in my head again….

Oh, I might as well say that on May 7 is my Baccalaureate Mass,
and I’m not coming. T and I are on a cruise on May 6-11. That
would also mean I won’t be coming on my graduation as well
on May 11. (Tsk. I paid P11500 for that grad fee)
Oh well, I can only hope my friends will at least give me
round of applause when my name’s being called.
Teeeehhheeee, to at least pay credit to my hard earned
BS Nursing degree.

hmmmmmmmmm..Ciao for now!