I was technically away the past few days because of the fantastic literary works that kept me busy. Books & Ebooks that has come my way has kept me away from my laptop over the weekend. It was my motivation to finish all my pending tasks so I can spend more time reading them.

I love to read and I can lose sleep just to finish a novel that’s riveting and captivating.

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I love to read medical thrillers especially from Michael Palmer, Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen. I think I have read most of their books and I got bored waiting for the next book to come out.

I also love detective & mystery novels no matter who the author is as long as it’s well written, the plot is acceptable and as I said, page turning…I’ll read it. Early this year, I was able to finish 30 novels in a month including a 20-part series from Janet Evanovich.

Next you’ll see me poring over romantic tragedy from Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paulo Cohelo and yes, Nicholas Sparks. My husband’s used to seeing me puffy eyes because I cry my eyes out on these stories. He used to say, I cry over sad stories and happy stories too which I think is not true at all— well, okay just a teeny truth there.

I think I got my love for reading from my Mom who is the fastest reader I have ever known. Growing up, I haven’t seen her without a book in hand or in her purse. Their bedroom had a ceiling to floor cabinet that’s full of pocketbooks that she collected, mostly Mills&Boons and Harlequin pocketbooks. When the cabinet got full, she had their King size bed’s headboard into a bookcase and the entire length of the bed as multiple drawers that she soon filled with more books.

I didn’t have scarcity of books either. I had all the books I desired and she gladly bought them. I started with Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys books when I was in Grade school and when I was done with them, I resorted to Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University. When I was in High School I read Sweet Dreams, VC Andrews, and so on.

Today, as a Mom I have been unconsciously a bookworm model for my daughter. I enjoyed reading books with her even when she was just a baby and now that she’s 5, she has the same love for books when I was her age. We never miss our bedtime stories- it’s either with me or with her Dad.

Once, my daughter asked, “Mom, why do you love to read?”

I said, “I love reading because it takes me into another world. It’s as if I am with the characters in the story. And also because I learn so many things–starting with words that I have not heard or read before”.

And she replied, “Yes! I like reading too because it makes you imagine things”.

Yes, it truly does.

So, what’s on your current reading list?