I read from a Filipino journalist blog that as bloggers we have the responsibility to write about things that are relevant to the readers. He insuates that we owe it to them. IMHO, he might be right at some point. Me suffering from sorethroat is definitely not relevant to anyone but as this was my blog, I posted it because I feel like doing it. I reread his blog and I felt like he was talking about my blog 🙁 

Maybe it’s time to step up a bit? How? I don’t know. 

It’s time to ask myself why I blog and where is my blog leading? I am not definitely one of those who blogged with a mission, to get sympathy or to get someone to rally. I’m just a plain writer-wannabe who takes this blog as an opportunity to learn more, share more, read more, write more (even if it’s useless) and meet more friends. This blog basically gets me through a humdum routine. I don’t even earn from blogging (as I once intended to be). 

Well a single journalist’s idea isn’t everyone’s, so I’m hoping at some point you’ve at least learned something from my posts. 

Oh and just for fun I joined several Memes hehehe..