It’s as if Summer has not ended  because of the recent (or shall I say current?) heatwave that hit the Metro. Mrs. Weather can’t make up its mind, one moment the heat is scorching and in a blink of an eye, rain comes pouring. What better way to quench your thirst but with a cold and healthy milk tea. A few weeks back, I was invited to taste test Bon Appetea Milk Tea. Its first stall was at the middle of the very busy Ortigas Center. I didn’t know what to expect since I’m never a tea drinker, I’m more of a coffee drinker (okay, so MORE of a coffee drinker is an understatement).

Moving on, I went just to taste what the hype is all about with milk tea and all of its add-ons. Bon Appetea offers a new generation of teas and Mr. Tom Pestano, owner and business strategist of Bon Appetea (among others), opened their first stall which they call milk tea express bar at GF Strata 2000 building in Ortigas.

The base tea used are Jasmin Green Teas and Assam Black Tea. As for the price, it’s fair and reasonable for P60-70 for a 160z. cup and P70-80 for a 220z. cup I was also introduced to some toppers (or add-ons) such as Nata de coco, Puddings, Aloes, and soft Jellies. You can even have your drink iced or iced blended and ask for an adjustment on the sugar level if it was too much or too little.

Here are the Bon Appetea Milk Teas that I’ve tried:

Nirvana (Assam black tea and Wintermelon) – drink and you will truly be in Nirvana! The one served was 100% sweet so I would suggest that you have the sugar level lessened a bit.

Morocco Nights (Jasmine Green Tea and Peppermint) – I could really taste the minty flavor on top of the sweetness. I would want to try an iced blended Morocco Nights and see if I would like it better. Not my best bet this one.

Himalaya (Assam Black tea and Caramel)- ooohhh yes, the caramel says it all! It’s truly a ladies drink.

Lemon Yogurt Teas (Lemon and Yakult)- not my cup of tea. Well maybe because I don’t drink Yakult and the combination just didn’t work well with me. Care to try it?

Heavenly Blush (Jasmine Green Tea and Lychee)- Yum! Now, we’re talking! This is definitely a must try. I didn’t know that green tea and lychee could taste well. Lychee, like citrus fruits is a good source of Vitamin C and when I drink or eat Lychee, I remember Summer because of its refreshing taste.

Ambrosia (Assam Black Tea and Brown Sugar syrup)- kinda tasted like Himalaya maybe because the sugar syrup tastes like Caramel. But with this one, you can really taste the strong and distinct Assam black tea.

Creme Brulee (Assam Black Tea, Vanilla, Almond & Caramel)- a symphony of flavors indeed. Another favorite because I didn’t taste the strong flavor of the Assam Black tea. It’s a bit sweet on the normal sugar level so you might want to lessen the sugar.

What’s new and unique with Bon Appetea is their NaughTeas which are becoming very popular with call center agents because of the refreshing and slight KICK brought about by these awesomely made teas. See, NaughTeas are your ordinary iced teas with pearls and toppers infused with your favorite alcohol mixes such as Tequilla sunrise, long island, martini and so much more!

For the light drinkers you might want to try the Fruit teas instead. It’s simple, affordable and best of all healthy. If you’re in the area, give me a holler and I can buy you one for free 😀 (if you ask nicely).

Bon Appetea Milk Tea

GF Strata 2000

Emerald Avenue, Pasig City

Tel. No. 4072788

They deliver within the Ortigas Center so call them NOW! 😀