I read the whole 7 books of Narnia. It was nice. Makes me feel like a child again. But only nice since the last 2 books were a bit dragging and so-so.

I read Cecila Ahern’s PS I LOVE YOU and on the first three pages
I was practically in tears!!! (or maybe it’s just me…I’m uber emotional yeah knuuuwww)
Seriously, I like how she (the author) puts in the feelings of every
character. I like her “writing style”.

I finished reading 3 out of 4 books of Stephenie Meyer
Twilight, New moon and Eclipse
It’s a new and refreshing story of two people (errr if one is really a person)
being in love even though they are both against all odds.
it’s a step higher than Harry Potter.
And it’s gonna be a movie soon!
My SIL told me it’ll come out on January here in the Philippines
but as early as December at the US and Europe.
Currently I am finishing the last book… Breaking Dawn. So far so good.

I also read A Time Traveler’s Wife…
Ah. That was an intense book.
I don’t know if it made me feel light hearted or gloomy.
Nevertheless it was good.
A very good read.