I’ve finished reading the entire series and I must say it was entertaining. It makes you want to read the next book. Much as makes you want to buy pretty dresses and shoes! lol. That’s all I can say about the book since I’m too stupefied by so much designer stuff and not to mention the mind blowing wealth that’s always being IMPRINTED on the reader. It makes me think, are these kind of people really exist? Do they really spend so much on these things and couldn’t care less when there are millions of children suffering from malnourishment and poverty?
Yea, you can say I’m pretty much taking this rather hard. I just can’t stop wondering that’s all. Maybe it’s the effect of living from a third world country that even the wealthiest cringe on expensive stuff.

The tv series however, kinda deviates to the original GG book series. But lately, they try to follow the book already so it’s less disappointing.
Here’s the GG blog

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