“This story is for everyone–but not everyone is for this story”

The story is about a great warrior who fought and won battles but the has yet to face the most daring and most dangerous battle of his lifetime. Ordered by his majesty, Catherine the Great of Russia to a land to protect a family, Toma Nicolescu and his loyal friend Alek traveled to a place where love and lust awaits them. 

Ted Dekker is a great writer. His novel can transport you to another world, another realm even. I think with the success of the Twilight saga, Ted Dekker jumped into the bandwagon and depicted Jesus’ great sacrifice to save humanity into this vampire-inspired thriller novel. Toma fell inlove with Lucine who was easily lured into the vampiric world of Vlad and his clan. Toma was desperate to save Lucine from eternal damnation that he chose to do a great sacrifice for her. 

Immanuel’s Veins was written intricately that when you have ‘shallow’ thoughts, you wouldn’t get what the message is or what the story was written for. Keep an open mind and just be entertained. 

I do not recommend the book for high school readers and below. The story contains conflicts and words that would take an “adult” to understand and take.