Max Lucado’s books had helped me with my Christian encounters but this new book, For the Tough Times, was the fastest pick me up book I have read. It’s an 80 page book and it talks about a lot of things and feelings when one’s world is engulfed in darkness or when one couldn’t see God in his life.

I like how Max dissects appropriate verses from the Bible and interpret it according to what’s real in our world nowadays. I think for a book like this to be successful, the author should be able to reach into the hearts and soul of the reader and make them realize that answers are there in front of them…answers are everywhere…because God is everywhere.

The book clearly states that things both good and bad that had happened before, during and after Christ is still happening amidst us. Maybe in a different form but it’s still happening. It’s comforting to know that answers are there we just need to be open and really see it.

The book is a perfect gift for a friend or a family member who’s facing difficulties and could not see pass through it. The book will give them extra comfort that our physical comfort could not provide. Sometimes, people who are in trouble needs space for themselves and this is their perfect companion.

Take one now and get your answers.