This Princess book was gifted to me by my cousin who lives and work in the Middle East and I thank her for a very eye opening read. 

Princess is a true account of the lives of the Saudi Royal family. Jean Sasson befriended one of the Princesses and was asked to write about the lives of these veiled royalty. .’Princess’  is  first  in  the  series  of  the  ’Princess’  trilogy  comprising  of  ’Princess’,’Princess  Sultana’s  Daughters’  &  ’Princess  Sultana’s  Circle’.

The real name and identity of the Princess was kept secret for her and her family’s protection. She is in direct relation with the Al Saud clan who ruled Saudi Arabia since 1902. 
Sultana told the story of how men in the family are favored over women. How women cannot demand for their rights or if there are any at all. Although Sultana’s words are feisty and strong, she never insulted the words of her religion and the Holy Koran. She  however boldly berates the men of her country who deliberately twisted the teachings of the Muslim faith for their own conveniences. She in fact pleaded that the world should know that the Muslim’s holy scripture is fair and just, it’s the men of their land who corrupted the message of God. 

I have learned so much from this novel and understood more than I can ever think of. It’s a must read for everyone. A feminist or not. This is reality that everyone should know about.