I am longing for a whole body massage for my breather from my daily obligations. But then something greater came up and I was all recharged.

Ate A, N, Nanay N, M, and C all came for a little family reunion and I was glad I was part of it.
We were all so happy and funny. And I didn’t realize I miss the comforting air of being with your family until I was with them. I was really glad and thankful at least I have them.
They’re my cousins and my aunt but then they’ve treated me more than that so I feel like I belong.
Besides, Ate A is my closest cousin and we are always calling each other for chismis and updates.
We’re always there on each others’ lives ever since.

So there, I’ve been almost out of the house whole weekends plus today. And T was patient enough to tend to P for me during those days.

But surely I’m back to my old self again. In fact I have pending “chores” to do like planning for P’s 1st birthday party since MIL and FIL are asking about it already. I’m still weighing which party supplier would give the best outcome (that’s not too heavy on the wallet). lol.

…ohhh, btw I am really excited on my way to a new domain. IT could take a while but then someone pledged a free help so I am really keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

Crossed yours too for me!