It was one of our tambayan moments when Janina decided to bring along Ella. It was at first fine with us. We accepted Ella whole heartedly until such time she became a burden.
She started to whine about feeling left out. She started to say she feels she doesn’t belong (but she was still tagging along anyway). She started to cry and arte a lot. Most of us started to resent being with her as she was always sad and crying. Tamcin was the first to air her feelings against Ella. She thinks Ella’s making the whole group miserable and that she ought to leave. On the days that followed, Janina left the whole group with Ella and another girl, Ivy. I think it was because all three are beauty queens and were dating boys a year older than us. We were all hurt but Matet, Janjan and Tamcin were the most affected by Janina’s actions. She chose those two maarte girls over our friendship. And for us it was a huge blow. Everyone felt we were dropped like hot potatoes. Please understand that the friendship was everything to us. We grew with it and breathe life through it. In a snap of a finger it was all taken away from us.

When Janina left, we avoided her like she has leprosy. We didn’t want anything to do with her and competed with her. I even mocked her on one of my poems when our English teacher asked me to write and read it aloud.
Janjan on the other hand showed anger through recitations when our teacher asked for sentence construction, she would always use Janina is…or Janina was…
Matet tried to reason with Janina one day. I didn’t know what happened but Matet was never the same after that. She HATED Janina from then on, even said that for her she’s dead. I tried asking what Janina said to make her feel that way, but she would just cry and beg not to mention it again