The group then separated. I was with Janjan, Matet, and Masel. Dianne, Anne and Tamcin eventually found another group of friends. But all of us remained close.
On our class retreat, Janina came up to me and asked if we could talk (that was the first time after a year or two), I obliged. I can still remember it clearly.

Renz: “Hello, Ella. Please let us talk in private.” (Yes, Ella was with Janina when they came to see me)

Renz: (turning to Janina) “If you have something to say, say it now.”
Janina:”Renz, whatever happened to us? To you? Why are you hurting me? After all those years, I treated you like my real sister but you became so different.”
Renz: “I became different?! You were the one who left all of us for those two bitches!” If you have told us you wanted to become a bitch we would have understood things. But you just left without saying goodbye. We waited but you never came back. You knew we hated that girl-then you chose her! You even said nasty things behind our back, now you are here saying that on my face? How dare you.”
Janina: (she was crying now, I remained unfazed) “I’m so sorry but I don’t want to fight anymore. I was hurt too.”
Renz:”Good that you were hurt like the rest of us. I don’t care what your reasons are what’s done is done. I can forgive you but don’t expect a better treatment.”
Janina: “Renz, why are you so hard on me? I said I’m sorry and I think you know how much I suffered.”
Renz: “I didn’t know because you were so busy with your flirty friends”
Janina: “Let’s just forget what happened and be friends again”
Renz: “I wish it was that easy.”

She hugged me, I pulled away and left.

Dianne came to me and said I should forgive Janina. It was what she wanted and I should accept it even if it hurts. Dianne is our ever calm friend. Oh, she was hurt too I can see it in her eyes but you will never hear bad things from her; she’s always the GOOD one.
The next day, I approached Janina and told her, “I’m sorry I was hard on you but I thought you deserve it. But I know now that all of us lost something and it can never be found again. That’s a reality every one of us has to face. I will forever treasure our friendship and I will also be forever sad that it can never be the same again.”

Today, we all remained close friends and stayed in contact (thanks to friendster).
It was in a way a good and bad experience for all of us. Good because we found new friends and we were taught early on how life can be cruel at times. Bad because we harbored ill feelings (I still don’t like the two girls lol) and wasted time on so much anger and hatred.

All of us chose different paths but in our hearts our friendship is as fresh as it was the happy days. The pain, it made us stronger.

Dianne now works for Bantay Bata, she’s often seen on TV patrol being interviewed.
Janjan worked for our town’s Mayor for the longest time. She was in charged of the Mayor’s speeches and platforms. Now, she’s pursuing a career abroad.
Tamcin is living life to the fullest with her boyfriend in Denmark.
Anne is now a physical therapist and at the same time managing their family business.
Matet is in Davao working for an advertising company, pushing through greatness.
Masel is somewhere in Cebu, Iloilo, Marbel, wherever exploring the world.
Janina is married and has two kids.