Sometimes I wish I can see through her eyes
Sometimes I wish I know what she thinks of me
Does she know I love her more than anything in this world?
Does she know her little laughter makes me reach nirvana?

It’s her tiny perfect hands that remind me to take things slower and gentler
Often it reaches for my hand and holds it while we walk side by side along a well lit corridor but it makes me think what she will do when she walks on dark ones.

It’s her morning smiles that tell me the day is okay.
Her eagerness to learn astounds me.
How can I keep on wanting to sleep when her face is as bright as the sun?
Ready to have fun

If only time could stood still while we hold each other close.
For I know one day, she would want to hold someone else’s hand.
God knows if you would still want mine.
But whatever happens then; my hands, my arms, my whole being is just here for her
She may choose whoever she wants to become, but Mommy will always be her sticky bubble gum.