As a Mom, cooking for my family is one of the many hats I wear. Generally, I like cooking it’s the washing of utensils, pots and pans that I don’t like so much. Between me and my husband, whenever one has to cook, the other must wash the dishes so guess who always ends up cooking.

Yesterday my little kitchen welcomed 3 scents of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid- Lemon, Antibac and Kalamansi.


Immediately we tested it after I cooked our lunch. Our helper said it’s nice, smells good and can easily remove fat and oil. We tried using it as is (pure) and of course it’s stronger than when we added water to two drops of this soap. As per the product description, it is effective even at 3% dilution or that’s 30mL of the soap added to 1L of water. For normal household usage it could last you for almost a 5 days.

Even our cat, Ted, got curious and I think he approves of this product.


“Bubble Man” Dishwashing Liquid is a highly effective kitchen, food premises cleaner
and degreaser, safe on virtually all surface(plastics, metal surfaces, ceramics etc).

If you’re wondering, Bubble Man comes in the following packaging: 880mL, 55mL, 270mL and the price ranges from P32.50-65.00 depending on the size. You can find them at the following stores:



Other awesome benefits of this product that I like:

– Non-flammable

– Non-toxic

– 97+% of the chemicals used are readily BIODEGRADABLE.

– Contents are free of sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is used to balance

pH of the formulation, however it causes irritability for your hands and extreme

dryness. Sodium hydroxide is used usually for cheaper chemicals.

– Phosphate-free formula. STPP(Sodium tripolyphosphate) is a cheaper chemical

but is banned in many countries because of its harmful effects to our environment.

– Long-lasting bubbles help reduce sink water changeover.

– Easy to rinse

I encourage your household to support Bubble Man which meant supporting Filipino entrepreneurs too!

Note: Special thanks to Michael of Mikewell World of Household Products
Corp. for sending over sample products for review. Review written above is based on actual experience.