Everybody loves summer, kids especially. There’s more time to play and watch TV and best of all, no homework! Summertime is also when Filipino families take the time to visit the beach or visit the pool to beat the summer heat. Don’t have the budget for a holiday vacation? There are still plenty of ways to spend quality time with your family, reunite with relatives, and have fun under the sun without the need to pay for airline tickets or costly entrance fees!

1. “Staycations” are in!

Ever heard of a “staycation”? By definition, it’s enjoying some R&R time without leaving the comfort of your own home! Bring out the grill and hold a barbecue in the yard. Take out that inflatable pool and have a splash playing with kids. Invite neighbors over! A staycation could also simply mean taking a leave from the office and waking up relaxed. Cook up something special for breakfast (bacon, hotcakes, and egg, anyone?) and it would immediately feel like you’re staying at some hotel somewhere.

2. Go on a picnic.

Have a spacious enough backyard? Live close to a public park? Plan a picnic with your family, complete with that checkered blanket and a huge picnic basket. Well, the picnic basket isn’t strictly mandatory but what you mustn’t forget is to prepare sumptuous finger foods and sandwiches for everyone to enjoy! If you know how to bake, your special pastries would surely make the family picnic even more memorable.

3. Visit attractions in your town or city.

Summer is a great time to introduce your kids to local attractions. If you live in the city, check out museums, parks, libraries, and other attractions you can visit and plan an itinerary! Set a whole day for exploring and come home tired but happy.

4. Build something with your hands.

Does creativity run in the family? Work on arts and crafts projects with your kids! It could be a small garden, a scrapbook, or finding ways to make use of recyclable items. You can build an obstacle course in your garden, transform old clothes and make them look new, or learn knitting—the possibilities are endless. Scour the web and find inspiration for a project to start with your kids.

5.  Go on a road trip.

If you don’t have a lot of budget, but have some extra cash to spare, your family can plan to go on a road trip to destinations near Manila that you can easily drive to. Prepare your food at home so you only have to worry about gas. Oh, but before you go, you better make sure you’re covered with comprehensive car insurance so you’re prepared for any emergency breakdowns or accidents. But most importantly, drive safely!


6. Give cooking lessons!

One of my best memories as a child during summer was when my mother taught me how to cook polvoron. If your kids are old enough, start teaching them some cooking basics. Not only does it pass the time, cooking is a very handy and important life skill. Whether it’s baking cupcakes or whipping up a mean macaroni soup, you know your kids are going to be alright if they know how to prepare food.

7. Host a family dinner.

Invite guests over and host a dinner party, featuring your specialty dishes. It doesn’t have to be Christmas for you to put something special on the dinner table. Buy a cheap bottle of wine and some fruits to share with people you care about. Ice cream would also make a nice, refreshing addition. You can gather three or four families together and take turns with hosting. The kids would enjoy having something to look forward to every weekend!


Make the most out of your kids’ summer vacation! They won’t be kids forever, as you already know, and you want to spend as much time with them while they’re still young. The good news is you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy some quality time. Just remember these tips!


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