Even after graduating from University or even MBA, entrepreneurs are encouraged to educate themselves further. Not from prescribed  reading materials by your professors alone but through workshops and seminars that are offered by proven thought leaders and business mentors. The knowledge that you get from them are priceless because no books will ever teach you first hand experience.

There are plenty of seminars and workshops you can learn from. I personally love the ones that are closely related to my business and passion- work-at-home expos and seminars (look at Manila Workshops and Make It Blissful for some reliable leads), entrepreneurial skill related  seminars (DTI Philippines have them often), brain power workshops, etc)


Don’t be afraid in investing on workshop fees because what you will get in return is valuable and will get you more business hence more income. If you really have budget constraints, look for good seminars and workshops that are free- DTI Philippines is your best bet. Or be sure to check on my blog for announcements of FREE and paid seminar and workshops for the business minded.

You can also pursue learning through online courses from coursera.org, Stanford online, alison.com,http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm, etc. Most course offered has certification at the end. You can take the course at your own pace as long as you are within the course’s timing.

Then of course there’s Youtube where a plethora video tutorials and talks are available for everyone to watch. Not to mention blogs you can read and follow.

You see, knowledge about business and whatever passion you have is just out there. It’s a matter of looking for it, your willingness to learn, and the ability to apply it.


For my friends in Singapore, there’s an incredible talk by Joel Baumer on November 8-9, 2014 and it’s FREE. Read about it here.