This course uses lectures, examples, and an applied project.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this course, the learner should be able to:

a) Master the building blocks of a business model;

b) Understand the basic business models;

c) Design and build better and more innovative business models.

d) Prepare a one-page business plan using the business canvas; and

e) Know how the business canvas relates to traditional business strategy.

Workshop Outline

1.0 The Business Canvas.

1.1 What is a Business Model?

1.2 The Nine Elements of a Business Model.

1.3 What is the Business Model Canvas?

2.0 Business Model Patterns.

2.1 Unbundling Model.

2.2 The Long Tail Model.

2.3 Multisided Platforms.

2.4 FREE Model.

2.5 Open Model.

3.0 Designing Better and More Innovative Business Models.

3.1 Customer Insights.

3.2 Ideation.

3.3 Visual Thinking.

3.4 Prototyping.

3.5 Storytelling.

3.6 Scenarios.

4.0 Strategy and the Business Canvas.

4.1 The Business Model Environment.

4.2 Evaluating a Business Model.

5.0 Designing Business Models.

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Buddy Rate: P2,000

Regular Rate: P1,999

PWD Rate: P1,200

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