>I am a fanatic of online shopping since I always have my hands full tending to my baby and keeping up with the household chores. I rely on online stores in buying clothes for my baby and myself as well. And I’ve also tried buying gifts for my parents through an online seller and made it delivered straight to my parent’s home in the States (note: I am in the Philippines). It was risky and at that time it was worth the risk since I was still earning and there was no financial crisis looming over us.
BUT today it’s different. We try to tighten our belts because of the sudden drop in our economy. Thus, I lessened my online shopping because of the risk factors. Such as never getting your paid items delivered, Seller gone-AWOL after your purchase, and identity theft after using your credit card.Plus, bogus online sellers sprung like mushrooms everywhere we can never be too sure.

Thanks to buySAFE! It’s a free tool that gives us safety and protection on buying online by downloading this buySAFE we are provided with Safe Shopping Rating which gives us the rates of other sellers who bought from the merchants, we are also provided with Safe Shopping Portal that is when you bought an item through their portal you get free item insurance and identity theft protection. As seen below:


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