The other day, Peaches and her Dad were horsing around and I was lying not far from where they were. Peaches was standing on her Dad’s back when she suddenly jumped landing her knee on my left breast (did I tell you that my daughter is HEAVY?). It was so painful, I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I had difficulty breathing because of the pain and rushed to the bathroom to vomit (that’s how painful it was). After I recovered from the pain, I wondered if an injury to the breast can lead to breast cancer. So I looked it up and decided to share what I found out. 

Doctors and scientists do not believe that an injury can cause breast cancer. There are some cases reported that women have seen bruises (after an injury) on the breast and later was diagnosed to have breast cancer. This they regard as coincidence because as of this writing there’s no known association to injury and breast cancer (whoopee!). Although a larger study should be done to approve and disapprove this theory. 
An injury to the breast can cause a formation of fibrous scar tissue which can be mistaken for breast cancer. Inflammation will set in after an injury and when this happens, past bruising and lumps could come out as well. Apparently, it then heals like any other wound does. 

What are the risk factors for breast cancer? 

There’s no definite known cause for cancer except for age and genetics but over the years, researchers have identified other risk factors which are- race, family history, dense breast tissue (breasts with lesser fatty tissue), certain benign breast problems, menstrual period (Women who began having periods early (before age 12) or who went through the change of life (menopause) after the age of 55 have a slightly increased risk of breast cancer. They have had more menstrual periods and as a result have been exposed to more of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.), and so much more! 

While cancer is very unpredictable, we can still choose to live a healthy lifestyle and protect ourselves with proper immunity to battle illnesses that might batter us in the future.