Now that I have an almost 8 month old baby, our television is working harder than ever. Luzy doesn’t necessarily fixate on the TV all day, she prefers to hear the music from Baby TV though. One night, husband and I were painfully watching an episode from Baby TV with a dog and a rat in it. I think it’s called Walter & Dude.

Walter is the rat and had a young boy’s voice while Dude is the wiser dog with an older man’s voice. Do you see where I’m getting at? Well, it gets freakier… on that specific episode, Walter was guessing what Dude forgot to bring with him to take a bath. In the end, Walter helped Dude remember it and then Dude said “Walter, do you want to join me take a bath?” Walter replied, ” But I just took a bath! Oh okay, I’ll join you!”.

Creepy! Well at least for me it was. Maybe it’s the voice that scared me.

This is the reason why I insist sitting with the kids while watching cartoons that aren’t on our OK list. There are scenes, lines and episodes that are just wrong and bizarre.

Have you experienced this too?