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Last night was the first performance of CATS the musical in CCP’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo and I watched it with the family. CATS was originally scheduled to perform from July 24- August 15 but they extended until August 22.

The experience was nice and the casts are all great! The cast is mostly from Australia and the UK (including the creative team). The oldies that I was with didn’t appreciate it much except on the scenes where Lea Salonga sang. And my husband said he can never really be culturally inclined because of the expensive tickets,  bad view, getting sleepy (he snoozed 3 times!) and hungry during the performance.

But personally, I enjoyed the show because I did a bit of research on the show. I read the story online and so I understood every scene. Problem last night I think was that the lyrics were barely audible and thus hard to understand I think it has something to do with the sound system or it’s just that our seats were really off. I would want to expound more on the show but I am afraid I might spoil it for those who are going to watch the performance.

Anyways, if you want to catch one of their performances check out TicketWorld.

Performances extended until August 22, 2010. 

Regular Ticket Prices:


Ticket Prices:*
PhP 7,210/ 5,150/ 3,605/
2,060/ 1,030

TUE(8:00PM) / WED(8:00PM)
THU(8:00PM) / SUN(7:30PM)

Ticket Prices:*
PhP 6,180/ 4,635/ 3,090/
1,545/ 772.50


Ticket Prices:*
PhP 7,210/ 5,150/ 3,605/
2,060/ 1,030


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