Today is a happy day for our little Miss Peaches. She had her advance birthday party at school and her classmates were really nice and fun to be with. Her teacher said she’s one of the well loved students in her class.

When asked to choose her 7 human candles, she had a hard time because her friends were crowding her and raising their hands to be picked!

Sorry, we don’t have photos of the girls in school because I didn’t want to expose the kids online without proper permission from their parents.

But here’s me and little Luzy waiting to be let in by the grade school guard, Kuya Elmer:


This baby’s been very patient and was very excited meeting her big sis’ classmates. She enjoyed the attention she got from the girls. Everyone wanted to touch her (yaikes!)- her face, her hands, her legs, her hair and her head! And not once did I hear her cry.


She’s wearing her yellow dress at school because she’s the birthday girl and it’s allowed! We had her blow her cake when she got home even though her real birthday is on the 26th.

Her big birthday bash is making me super busy these past few days! I will mostly D-I-Y (as usual) her party and the theme she chose wasn’t specially easy- Mad Science Party! Because she wants to be a Scientist when she grows up. 

So far we will be having the following for her party:

Mad Scientists from Mad Science Philippines

Candy Buffet

Dessert Buffet

Kiddie Salon- her guests are mostly girls and this was a special request

Archery spot – we will be putting up a target range for the kids, we have 2 bow and arrow set the kids can use

Cotton candy stand

Dirty Ice cream stand

Games for the kids & adults

I hope the kids will enjoy. It’s nothing fancy but hopefully something new (you would not believe how many frozen themed parties we’ve been to!), something different yet super fun party!