I spend quiet time with Peaches, staring at her observing how she plays with her toys, how she falls asleep, how she cries (or act it out), and everything she does. Most of the time, I see a part of me and T in her. It never ceases to make me smile. Although her own attitude is very apparent too. As young as she is, she has her own likes and dislikes, her favorites, her antics, and her own phase. Over the year, I learned to predict her reactions on things. I also learned that all kids have personalities evident even when they’re a year old. Some are so energetic, it’s hard to control them. Some are timid, it’s hard to make them smile or talk. Some are easily bored, it’s hard to contain them on a single spot. But what’s common to all these kids, is CHANGE. They change so fast. They outgrow things so fast. As fast as how they absorb new ideas, new style, and new attitude.

I, as a parent is adapting to these changes too. I strive everyday to cope with my daughter’s growth and be able to support her and rear her to the right direction. It’s a struggle but I’m getting the hang of it. That’s what Mommies do best, being flexible to their child’s needs.