I used to love Sun because they have the cheapest and most comprehensive plans. I use to have their unli call and text to all network + landline phone for under P1,000. Unfortunately I have to switch to Globe because Sun’s signal at out house is poor!

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It got to a point that I was missing important calls and texts from my relatives and unknowingly being hated for not answering calls. Turns out, when you call my then Sun number, you will hear the usual ring but at my end, I hear nothing. It does not even say I lost my signal or something.

So dear husband and I switched to Globe and we’ve been happy ever since!

I’ve heard about Globe subscribers who are experiencing some difficulties but in our 3 months with Globe, we’ve never encountered anything that would make us not like them.

In fact, I like that their customer service is so nice that when we decided to upgrade our plans, we didn’t have to go to a Globe center. With Sun, I had to go to the center and queue if I wanted to change something, UNLESS it was them who offered the upgrade or added service.

For the record, I’m not advertising Globe. I’m a happy subscriber and even if Globe does not send me promotional keychains here I would still like them 🙂