This is one of the nights where I stare hard on Channel 27.

Every 2 second I look away from my monitor and look at my muted tele.

Did I ever mention what’s on Channel 27?

If not, it’s our building’s lobby camera.

I watch the guards on duty.

I watch the elevators open and close as the people pour out of it.

I watch most of them who doesn’t know they’re being watched.

Some of the guards don’t know there’s camera on the lobby.

What the heck am I doing staring at them?

Well, it’s kinda tranquil to see them doing about this and that.

Makes you kinda wonder who else is watching

T laughs at me when he sees me gawking at my fave muted channel.

Oh well, whatever takes me out of boredom, I’ll do.

I wish we could have internet soon.

I missed all my internet obligations.

Patience, patience, patience….

Good luck to me on that.