>I love love love buying stuff from Quiapo. I don’t go as much as I used to because where I currently live is far. Although it’s a bus ride from here, traffic in Manila is insane! Plus I hate buses, I feel dizzy and nauseous. But last week I braved it all and headed to Quiapo.

My latest loots were goodies for my parents abroad, sun-dresses for Peaches that cost 3 for P100 ($2) or P35 a piece ($0.76).I love the vegetable market on one street and cheap clothes on the next. Quiapo is also haven for beads and faux pearls that are insanely cheap. The exact same beads and pearls (and other trinkets) that you see on malls, Greenhills, online stores, etc. 

Few tips on going there though: Leave your car somewhere. I suggest park your car at SM Manila and commute going to Quiapo (you can then eat and refresh inside the mall once you’re done with your Quiapo escapade). Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Please no jewelries. Be vigilant. And don’t look like a bait. I usually bring my own water bottle so I don’t have to buy from sidewalk vendors (I cringe whenever I think of where the water is from). 

Haggle but not to a point that you’re practically asking the seller to give it for free. These are hardworking people who earns little from what they sell so be fair. Pay in exact amount as much as possible or bring smaller bills because some sellers actually give the wrong amount for your change. Take time looking for great finds as some stalls sell nicer items than the others that are of the same price. 

Lastly, SMILE! 

Next week, Imma brave the bus ride again and roam around Quiapo!